Call for papers



The organising comittee for the 2nd Congress of the

“Asociación Iberoamericana de Filosofía de la Biología” (AIFIBI)

The Challenges for the Philosophy of Biology in Iberoamérica

September 7 – 11, 2015

Valle de Bravo / Edomex / MX

invite’s all members and persons interested in philosophical, historical and social studies in sciences of life, to contribute with 20 minutes talks, and to send proposals before

May 30th, 2015,  to:

 Proposals should include:

Name and institutional reference (multiple authorships included)


300 words abstract

Academical Status (researcher, student, professor…)

Proposals can be received for evaluation in spanish, portuguese, english or french. Presentations can be done in those languages. Simultaneus translation will be available.

If it is possible, please subscribe your work into one of the following sections and subsections propossed by the SOC in philosophy of life sciences:

A — Philosophy of biology. Ontological, epistemological and methological aspects of Biology and Philosophy of Biology.

B — Philosophical problems in special areas of biology.

B.1 — Evolucion and development.

B.2 — Origin, evolution and life form classifications. Simbiosis and holobiontes.

B.3 — Auto-organization, complexity and information. Organcity and Biosemiotics.

B.4 — Niche construction, cognition and culture.

B.5 — Philosophical problems in other areas of biological sciences.

C — Philosophy of other life sciencies: biomedical sciences, psicology, cognitive sciences, antropology, tec.

D — History of Biology and other life sciences

E — Science of life and social framework

F—- Life, culture and art

Special topic: The Challenges for the Philosophy of Biology in Iberoamérica